Manual Cutting Machine

Manual Cutting Machine

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Product Details

Motor: copper wire motor, secondary motor.

Working voltage 380V (220V)

Motor speed 2840r/min

Working pressure 0.6-0.8Mpa

Saw blade specification: 305x30x120T

Cutting height 100mm

Cutting width 150mm

Dimensions 500*450*120mm

Machine weight 100kg

Technical characteristics

Our factory independently develops a new 45 degree 90 degree aluminum profile cutting machine. This machine is mainly used for the material cutting.

The design structure is reasonable and the materials are exquisite. Using a 12-inch carbide saw blade, the saw blade is fixed at 45 degrees and 90 degrees, and the upper and lower cutting of the saw blade increases the trajectory of the saw blade, increases the cutting area, and uses the automatic fuel injection system to make the surface smoothness, high precision, and gas-liquid damping. Level speed regulation, smooth feed, no damage to the saw blade! It is controlled by imported pneumatic system, with good processing effect and stable and smooth cutting speed. Such as aluminum alloy door and window materials, curtain wall material cutting and cutting! It is used for aluminum alloy doors and windows, broken bridges, office partitions, furniture, home, screens, sliding doors, edge bands, photo frames, and other decorative materials. The aluminum material is 45 degree 90 degree cutting, which is simpler, safer and faster to use. The work surface is made of imported steel plate, and the surface of the table is 140mm thick. The cutting is precise and durable.