Aluminium Window And Door Cutting Center

Aluminium Window And Door Cutting Center

Sawing time ( time required for cutting one section), about 15s. Maximum cutting height, width 100 * 100mm The longest cut 6500mm, the shortest can cut 350mm German operating system PA, windows interface, can read the cutting files generated by the optimum design software, online work
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1. Functions & Features
(1) Can process aluminum alloy profiles, PVC profiles and alloy profiles.
(2) Adopts the Germany PA control system, with a perfect window interface.
(3) Can print labels, it can timely and efficiently label profiles, but also provide a perfect solution 
for the subsequent procedures.
(4) Feeding system adopts full servo control, fast and accurately.
(5)The entire piece of profile can be loaded,
 the whole process of automatic feeding, automatic cutting, and automatic discharge after cutting is closely coordinated, sensitive, safe and reliable. The time of one cutting can be controlled within 15s, it has high processing efficiency. 
(6) Equipped with automatic feeding mechanism, saving labor (optional).
(7) Equipped with standard clamping system.
(8) A clamping can complete 45 °, 90 ° cutting, the cutting precision is high.
(9) The whole machine adopts the world famous electrical components, to ensure the processing stability and service life.
(10) The stable high-precision lathe bed, the structure design is reasonable, easy to operate, and consistent with aesthetics and human engineering principles.
(11) The pneumatic-electric protective devices and mechanical protective devices ensure the safety in production.
(12) The entire cutting process only needs one-person operation, it's high efficient, simple and fast.