China Automatic Cutting Machine For Windows

Automatic Cutting Saw Machine is mainly used for bending for metal materials ,such as iron, copper and aluminum and special-shaped material. It is ideal equipment of curved process for furniture manufactures, wrought iron engineering manufacturers, aluminum alloy doors and windows manufacturers,...
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Product Details

Used for not only aluminum profile cutting, but also corner connector cutting.
Ø Feeding system adopts imported linear guide pair, with high accuracy and long service life.
Ø Adopted high helical pitch ball screw-lead motion, with high accurate driving, locating and smooth working.
Ø Adopted CNC technique, can achieve various profile auto cutting off.
Ø 22.5°, 45°and 90°cutting is available.
Ø Imported carbide saw blade give accurate processing and high endurance.
Ø Imported linear bearing motion pair ensured steady processing accuracy.
Ø Saw blade rotate smoothly due to high accuracy main spindle.
Ø Uniform sped feeding and smooth motion due to air-Hydraulic damping cylinder.
Ø Auto-opening guard shield ensured safety operation.
Ø The two-way location-and-clamping feature high precision and steadiness

    Voltage:    380V   50HZ
    Power:    6.8KW
    Air pressure:    0.5-0.8MPa
    Blade specification:     (standard size)
    Cutter moving speed:    0-2m/min
    Cutting length:    Max5000mm   Min480 at 90°
Max5000mm   Min(double height of profile) at 45°
    Cutting width:    120mm
    Cutting height:    230mm
    Cutting angle:    45°-157.5°
    Repeat locating length error:     mm
    Surface plainness:    
    Overall dimension:    5800mmX1500mmX2040mm



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