CNCAluminium Window Cutting Machine

Used for aluminum and PVC profile cutting processing adjusting to 90°~45°and cutting the mid-frame. Suit for batch production, continuous and multi-various production. It features wide cutting range, high productivity.

Product Details

Mainly used in the aluminum alloy curtain wall material, cutting material plan of window material, also available in cutting material plan or plastic profile. By using hard alloy saw blade, the outer diameter is 20", Both its line speed and processing precision are high. When the machine bed works, the blades of double-head saws can carry on cutting simultaneously or separately. The saw blades can swing at any angle of 22.5° -0° -135° . In this machine bed, Japanese Panasonic NC system and feedback system of German ELGO original assemble, whose positioning precision is high, repeating positioning precision is about ± 0.1 mm, 2.Other model for your reference

Aluminum double head cutting machine for windows and doors
Aluminum digital-display cutting machine for windows
3CNC Aluminum windows double head cutting saw machine


Used for aluminum profile cutting.
2. The linear guiding pair ensured steady processing accuracy.
3. Saw blade rotate smoothly due to high accuracy main spindle.
4. Uniform speed feeding and smooth motion due to airdraulic damping cylinder.
5. It has feature of easy operation, reliable performance, advanced technique and convenient maintenance ect.
6. Right head moving saw blade give accurate processing and high efficiency.
7. Imported carbide saw blade give accurate processing and high efficiency.
8. Two head can work together or single, when together work , one tine. can cut off the required length and angle

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