Precise Aluminium Cutting Machine

Precise Aluminium Cutting Machine

Sawing time ( time required for cutting one section), about 15s. Maximum cutting height, width 100 * 100mm The longest cut 6500mm, the shortest can cut 350mm German operating system PA, windows interface, can read the cutting files generated by the optimum design software, online work

Product Details

Precise Aluminium Cutting Machineadopts German design idea the cutting of machining aluminum alloy section 
bars and nonferrous materials.
It has a high-speed motorized spindle, the automatic tool changing function.
It has high-precision servo motors, linear guides and bearings.


The main components of this machine are imported famous brand accessories, suitable for cutting aluminum 
alloy materials, copper products and non-ferrous metals,
It can be machined at 45-90 degrees.Power supply 380V 50HZ

Saw head motor Power 2 × 2.2KW Speed 3800r/min

Working pressure 0.4~0.6Mpa

Air consumption 200L/min

Sawing length 400~3800mm

Sawing width max 125mm

Sawing height max 200mm

Sawing angle -45°~0°~45°

Feeding speed stepless speed regulation 0~3m/min

Saw blade specification 450×4×30-120 T

Machine tool dimensions 5030×1100×1400mm

Weight 1100kg

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