adjustment for insulating glass equipment

- Apr 23, 2018-

Insulating glass production line is a kind of glass deep processing equipment, mainly used for processing and making hollow glass. After the original glass sheet is cut, it enters the hollow production line. The processed products are of high quality and the processing speed is very fast. Since the insulating glass production line is so easy to use, how should the insulating glass production line be debugged?

Insulating glass production line debugging is mainly divided into eight steps:

1. Place the insulating glass production line lightly in the installation position and correctly place the position and sequence of the various sections of the production line.

2, fuselage leveling. Adjust the height of the leveling bolts on the base of the machine so that the conveying roller and the supporting surface of the nylon wheel support the same height. The backrest wheel on the inclined frame is coplanar. Each section is relatively parallel, and then the nuts are locked.

3. Connect and tighten the parts to be connected between each section, and connect the drive chain from the feed section to the cleaning and drying section. Place the fan and water tank correctly, and connect the air pipe and water pipe according to the water and air system diagrams.

4. Check all the joints of the machine fasteners for looseness due to transportation shocks, and tighten them one by one (especially if the connections of the terminals are loose).

5, grounding line with a sectional area of not less than 4 square millimeters of soft copper heart yellow-green insulated wire, grounding resistance is not greater than 4 ohms.

6. Switch on the gas source and check whether the pipeline is open and damaged. Air source pressure requirements 0.6 ~ 0.8Mpa.

7. Turn on the power, test whether the rotation direction of each motor is correct, and whether the transmission sprocket of each segment is flexible and stable.

8, the whole machine clean, finishing work area.

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