Aluminium bending machine's introduction

- Apr 28, 2018-

Machine introduction:

1. When processing special-shaped arc, it can bend more radius but one-time fully finished, which greatly improves processing efficiency and save workers.

2. Common circular arc can be bend one time with great efficiency, and can also bended by many times, it depends on real circumstances.

3. Independent designed and developed servo hydraulic system uses imported oil pump, which makes machine is: in  20 tons of pressure working conditions, the positioning accuracy of working axis in less than 0.02mm repeat control accuracy.

4. Four-roller independent controllable, stepless speed regulation, automatic speed matching make up for the line speed difference [diameter and diameter difference] of the workpiece during the process of radius forming, the workpiece surface will not be strained. arbitrary adjustment of wheelbase 350-550mm.

5. accurate radius (R) control and easy to complete continuous processing of multi-arc and complex graphics;

6. CNC control system, completely solve the workpiece different curvature transition smooth and symmetrical problem.

7. Humane control system, flexible, simple, easy to understand; completely solve the dependence on skilled workers

8. Sophisticated mold design technology, the perfect solution to the product wrinkling, scratches, distortion, retraction and other quality problems, to meet your high-quality requirements of the product

9. Unique core algorithm, rich rolling bending processing parameters,simple and practical

10. Automatic feeding and calculation, reduce your material waste

11. Can be processed at a time more than two-sided arc (S bend, wave type)

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