Aluminium bracket cutting saw(2)

- Apr 12, 2018- Motor start Press this button to start or stop the machine motor, the motor indicator light. Electric authorities Press this button again to start or stop the motor of the machine, and the motor indicator will be off. Switch selection Turns on the automatic state. Including motor start, motor indicator light

And automatic indicator light, automatic work cycle, automatic counting, complete the number of blanking. Manual sawing for machine tool commissioning. Press this button to press the work clamp, saw

Cut action, each press, complete an action. When the button is jog operated, the manual position will be automatically selected and operated continuously.

The button completes the entire operation, from which you can adjust the normal movement of each action.

Note: This button is only for machine debugging and manual cutting!

7.3 Operation

7.3.1 Preparation and adjustment before operation Each button must be confirmed before operation. The indicator light is normal and each moving part is normal.

8 Maintenance and Troubleshooting

8.1 Maintenance:

8.1.1 Remove the debris that fell on the sawing bed in time to ensure the correct operation of the electrical components.

8.1.2 Lubricator should be added with lubricating oil (ISOVG turbine oil) Dripping amount should be adjusted to 10

Drops/min, the filter element of the air-water separator should be cleaned regularly, and the water cup should be drained in time.

8.1.3 The cutting saw should be fixed on the panel of the packing box, and can be transported after it is reliably fixed.

8.1.4 Use solid wood blocks to lift, fix, and cover the saw head on the guide rails during long-distance transportation.


8.1.5 When lifting, it should be kept level and the landing should be steady to prevent damage caused by bumping.

8.1.6 The cutting saw shall be stored in a ventilated dry, dust-free, non-corrosive gas, warehouse temperature not lower than -15 °, relative humidity less than 85%.

9.1.7 Long-term storage is not required. It should be packaged after anti-rust treatment to avoid corrosion.

9.2 Troubleshooting See the following table



the reason

Method of exclusion

Gas water separator

Pressure drops too much

Moisture output

Filter plug

Not timely drain

Remove obstructions or replace

Timely drainage


Oil mist


Do not drip

Oil adjustment screw failure

Cracked oil board

Bad seal

Dredge the oil cup silver channel

Repair or replace adjusting screw

Replace oil board





Pressure reducing valve

Secondary pressure rise





Spring damage

O-ring deformation

Dust or foreign body in valve body

Relief valve is not tight

Diaphragm hard crack

Weak spring force




Replacement relief valve seat

Replace cleaning

Replace the diaphragm

Replace spring


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