Aluminium window and door basic machines

- Jan 03, 2019-

Aluminum alloy door and window equipment, referred to as aluminum doors and windows, it is made of aluminum alloy profiles through a certain process. There are five kinds of aluminum alloy doors and windows: push-pull aluminum alloy door, push-pull aluminum alloy window, flat aluminum alloy door, flat aluminum alloy window and aluminum alloy floor spring door. Each door and window is divided into basic doors and windows and combined doors and windows. The basic doors and windows contain frames, fans, glass, hardware, sealing materials and so on. Combination doors and windows are composed of more than two basic doors and windows into other forms of windows or window doors.


  The aluminum alloy doors and windows have their own characteristics in the north and south. The north is characterized by thick aluminum and stable style. The style is the most representative, and the Tangge is the most distinctive. Most of them are characterized by various shapes of aluminum and lively style. The most representative of the flower glass, there are styles of flower, ice sculpture, shallow carving, crystal shell, Shenzhen P-luck Machinery Co., Ltd. is the symbolic manufacturer.


Shenzhen p-luck Machinery Co., Ltd. has been committed to the research and development of door and window glass technology for many years. It provides aluminum alloy door and window equipment for double-color coextrusion and common plastic steel profiles, as well as high-grade aluminum tanks. Insulating glass production line, and can provide customized equipment according to user needs.

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