Aluminum Curtain Wall CNC Single Head Saw

- May 17, 2018-

Mainly used for cutting aluminum industrial and curtain wall and window profiles, may also used for cutting plastic profile in random angle. Adopts the hard quality alloy saw blades, the e× Ternal diameter can reach 24 inchs, the linear speed is high, the accuracy of processing is high. Adopts positioning shelf and random angle rotation CNC system and optional digital display device ensure high precision. So it is the ideal choice for the random angle cutting of big size aluminum industrial and curtain wall profiles.

1.Saw cutting length50~3000mm
2.Saw cutting (W× H)----worktable in 90 degree
                                                                ----worktable in 90 degree
                                                                  ----worktable in 45 degree
310× 180mm(600mm blade)
310× 150mm(550mm blade)
350× 150mm(600mm blade)
3.Main motor power4 Kw
4.Main motor rotation speed2840 rpm
5.Saw blade dimensionΦ 550xΦ 38x144T
Φ 600xΦ 38x144T
6.Saw blade tilting angle90° ~45°
7.Worktable rotating angle30° ~90° ~135°
8.Saw blade feeding speed0~3m/min
9.Saw blade retracting speed2~3m/min
10.Operation air pressure0.6~0.8Mpa
11.Overall dimension (LxWxH)8500x1800x1650mm

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