curtain wall profiles cutting machine(2)

- Apr 12, 2018-

1, the main structure of the product

3.1 Features and Structure

   There are two saw heads on the machine bed. The left saw head is fixed and fixed on the bed by screws. The right saw head is controlled by the precision ball screw to move on the round rail and can be locked in the desired position. The length of workpiece cutting is precisely controlled by a high-precision ball screw mounted on the bed driven by a CNC-controlled motor. The electrical control box on the left side of the sawing machine is the core part of the CNC system. The touch screen is installed in front of the control cabinet. The touch screen is a window where people can talk to the machine. There is a console in front of the bed. After the workpiece is placed on the workbench, the operator completes the processes of workpiece positioning, compression, cutting, tool return, release, and accuracy calibration as long as the operator presses a button according to the operating instructions. The design of the aircraft fully takes into account the safety of the staff. Saw head movement, all covered in openable, strong safety cover. The console control system has two-hand control buttons according to national standards to ensure safe operation.

3.2 The main structure

   The machine is mainly composed of main parts such as left saw head, right saw head, bed body, electrical control box, screw drive, and work bench.

3.2.1 Saw head

The saw head is a fixed saw head. The right saw head moves left and right on the circular track with the carriage. The left and right movements of the saw head are light and flexible, ensuring the smoothness of the movement. The feed of the saw blade is accomplished by high-precision cylinders and gas-liquid conversion devices, and the pneumatic control system has the function of fast return with slow feed.

3.2.2 Bed

   It is made of low-carbon steel rectangular welded pipe, welded after the aging treatment to ensure the bed's rigidity and stability.

3.2.3 Workbench

The fixed table is mounted together with the left saw head, and the movable table can be horizontally moved horizontally with the carriage on the guide rails.

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