cutting saw for Aluminium sliding door

- Jun 19, 2018-

This machine is specially for the door window frame materials, fan materials, and other profiles cutting of 45 degrees, is my factory in recent years the door for the requirements of the factory specially development and design of a machine tool. Due to the reasonable structure, dainty materials, high precision cutting Angle, using effect makes users "very satisfied, has become one of our best selling goods. Saw blades fixed 45 degrees, specifically used for cutting Angle, thus cutting Angle more precise and stable, repeat is better; 18 "hard alloy saw blades, high velocity, automatic spray oil cooling lubrication device, processing surface finish good, high precision; Using transductive feeding, gas-liquid damping stepless speed, smooth, without the burr.

Technical parameters

The power supply voltage    380 V           

motor power                      2.2 kw

Spindle speed                    2840 r/min                        

work pressure                    0.6 ~ 0.8 Mpa

Table size                        830 x 620 mm                  

 is the biggest cutting height       110 mm

Saw blades specification            400-450 mm


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