details for insulating glass machine

- Apr 16, 2018-

The equipment for making insulating glass is mainly divided into two categories: horizontal insulating glass equipment and vertical insulating glass production line.

A: Horizontal hollow glass equipment is mainly for small-scale production of hollow glass, such as for some residential customers, or some small amount of hollow glass wholesale, horizontal insulating glass equipment has the advantage of small space, early investment is small, High cost performance. The disadvantage is that the production speed is slow, the production capacity is relatively low, and the cost is relatively artificial.

Horizontal insulating glass equipment mainly includes: 1. Insulating glass cleaner, mainly used to clean glass. 2. Insulating glass splicer (can choose to manually assemble) is mainly used for hollow glass splicing. 3. Butyl glue coating machine, mainly coated with insulating adhesive on the insulating glass aluminum insulating strip, so as to ensure that the two pieces of glass can be well bonded together.

II: The vertical insulating glass production line is mainly suitable for the production of medium and large hollow glass. It can satisfy a large number of wholesalers of insulating glass and can meet the large number of residential projects. The advantages are high production efficiency, time saving, labor saving and labor saving. It is more than three times the production efficiency of horizontal insulating glass equipment. The disadvantage is that the investment in the previous period is larger, and the area required for the plant is more than 150 square meters.

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