Explosion-proof glass specifications

- May 07, 2018-

Explosion-proof glass is a kind of glass that can prevent violent impact. It is special glass made by machining with special additives and intermediate interlayer. Even if the glass breaks, it won't fall off easily because of the intermediate material (PVB film) or another material. Explosion-proof glass on one side has been fully bonded. Therefore, explosion-proof glass can greatly reduce the damage to people and valuables in the event of violent impact. When explosion-proof glass bursts, its fragments are small, round, granular, and have no sharp shards. The technical term is called tempered glass. Now the better explosion-proof scheme is made of laminated steel. In this way, the glass is broken, and the glass granules will not fall off and adhere to the explosion-proof membrane. The safety is 20 times that of the ordinary ordinary float glass, and the integrity of the glass is still maintained by the impact of external forces, noise and noise reduction, anti-theft, explosion-proof, cold-resistant, heat-resistant, moisture-proof, radiation-proof and anti-ultraviolet. Application: Because explosion-proof glass has high impact strength and safety of use, it is suitable for ceilings of buildings, shower rooms, floors, partition walls, skylights of industrial plants, shop windows, kindergartens, schools, gymnasiums, and private houses. , villas, madhouses, banks, jewelry stores, securities companies, insurance companies, post offices, museums, prisons and other places

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