Factors affecting relay reliability

- Feb 28, 2018-

The influence of environment on relay reliability: Relay Work has the highest average fault interval under GB and SF.

Influence of contact form on relay reliability: The contact form of relay can also affect its reliability, the reliability of the single throw relay is higher than that of the double throw relay with the same number of knives, and the reliability decreases with the increase of the number of knives, and the average fault interval between single throw relays is 5.5 times times that of the four-blade double throw relays.

The influence of structure type on relay reliability: There are 24 types of relay structure, and different types have influence on their reliability.

Effect of temperature on relay reliability: Relay operating temperature range between-25~70℃. With the increase of temperature, the average fault interval of relay decreases gradually.

The effect of movement rate on the reliability of relay: With the increase of the movement rate of relay, the average fault interval is exponential decline. Therefore, if the design of the circuit requires the speed of the relay is very high, then the circuit maintenance needs to carefully detect the relay in order to replace it in time.

The effect of current ratio on relay reliability: The current ratio is the ratio of the operating load current of the relay to the rated load current. The reliability of the relay is greatly affected by the current ratio, especially when the current ratio is greater than 0.1, the mean fault interval time drops rapidly, while the current ratio is less than 0.1, the mean fault interval time is basically unchanged, so the load of the rated current should be used to reduce the current ratio in the circuit design. This ensures that the relay and even the entire circuit does not reduce the reliability due to the fluctuation of the operating current.