Features for Aluminium Windows Bending Machine

- Aug 18, 2018-

Features :

Quipped with three drive rollers.

The maximum hydraulic pressure can be up to 30 tons. 

It can bend all kinds of aluminum profiles ( normal profiles, thermal break aluminum , alu-plastic-alu profile, alu-plastic profile) and rectangular steel pipe, stainless steel tubes etc. 

All profiles can be bent to designed shapes at one time which is of high efficiency and without wear; Or it can be bent multi-times if needed.

Three drive rollers are controlled by CNC , smooth movement and accurate positioning. Positioning accuracy : + /-0.02mm. 

Distance between three drive rollers can be adjusted as your requirement.

It can bend one radius arc ( ordinary “C”-shape arc ) , also can bend two radius arc (“U” –shape arc ) , and also three radius arc ( bread arcs and ellipses) ; Both planar circular and vertical surface can be bent.

Function of resilience calculation and compensation. For the same radius arc , it can automatically calculate the amount of resilience . Thus , it saved a lot of profile and time when bend different profiles.

It can store a certain amount of program ( depending on memory space ) , and enter as much information as in the program in order to easily identify it next time. 

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