Gutters Milling Machine for windows

- Mar 19, 2019-


- This machine tool is used for contour processing of various types of holes, gutters, and water tanks of aluminum alloy profiles.

- With the self-locking function of the feed, the operation is light.

- New high-speed spindle, stable and reliable, easy belt replacement.

- Two kinds of profiling methods: profiling template and auxiliary positioning.

- Use the switch to control the compression cylinder, safe and reliable.

- Compact and small in size.

Technical Parameters

*Power: 380v 50Hz

*Working pressure: 0.5 ~ 0.8MPa

* Air consumption: 30L/min

*Input power: 1.1Kw

* Milling cutter diameter: φ5, φ8

* Copy contact diameter: φ5, φ8

*Fractal range: 235×100mm

* Straightness of the machined surface: ±0.1 mm

* Milling surface roughness: Ra12.5μm

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