heavy bracket cutting machine for window

- Apr 13, 2018-

Aluminum doors and windows heavy duty automatic cutting saw

Main specifications and technical parameters

Power Supply (three-phase four-wire) 380V 50Hz

Saw blade diameter Φ500mm

Saw blade feed speed (infinitely variable speed) 0~3m/min

Speed 3200rpm

Automatic feeding length 0~600mm

Working pressure 0.5~0.8Mpa

Air consumption 150L/min

Power 2.5kw

Weight about 650kg

TLJ-500E aluminum door and window heavy duty automatic cutting saw


1, the use of cylinder drive, reciprocating feed way

2, high-precision spindle (accuracy level: axial radial runout 0.005mm domestic highest level)

3, using imported aluminum alloy special aluminum cutting blade, high precision machining

4. Adopt advanced damping conversion device (domestic only Tianli use), stable and reliable, high efficiency 5. Adopt imported high-power motor, with a large processing range, high processing efficiency, suitable for cutting large-scale heavy-duty angle and profile

6, using PLC control can automatically cut continuously can also manually operate a single cut, and automatically count

7, the unique steel frame roller, durable

Equipment processing accuracy:

Cutting surface perpendicularity: 0.1mm Cutting plane flatness ≤ 0.1mm

Cutting surface roughness Ra12.5um

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