how to classify the insulating glass machines

- Apr 23, 2018-

First of all, it can be classified according to the number of hollow cavities. The greater the number, the higher the cost it will require, but the effect of sound insulation will also increase. Second, it can be classified according to the mode of production. Because of the different use environments, their functions will also be different, so their production methods will also be different. Moreover, it can also be classified according to use. Some are used in vehicle engineering, some are used in construction, and some are even applied to marine ships. Therefore, the classification of insulating glass equipment can be said to be dazzling.

  Hollow glass can be divided into double-layered hollow glass and multi-layered hollow glass according to the number of hollow cavities. Double-layered hollow glass is composed of two sheets of flat glass and one hollow cavity. Multi-layered hollow glass is composed of multiple flat glass and two The more hollow cavities above, the more hollow cavities, the better the heat insulation and sound insulation effects, but the more hollow cavities will increase the cost, so the most widely used is the double-layer hollow glass and two hollow cavities glass. According to the production method can be divided into dissolved hollow glass, welded hollow glass and bonded insulating glass three.

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