how to maintain the insulating glass producing line

- Apr 23, 2018-

Cleaning and hot pressing machine is a more economical and practical one-time cleaning, drying and hot-pressing forming processing equipment for producing composite rubber strip type hollow glass. The power consumption of the whole machine is lower than that of the all-in-one machine on the current market, no noise, simple operation, high pressure blower, stainless steel high pressure air knife, and electric heating to ensure the one-time cleaning and drying of the glass in winter and summer. This device is also After years of research and development, Jinan Desaier Machinery Co., Ltd. has developed an efficient, economical and practical horizontal hollow glass processing equipment. The movable platform can be used on a stand-alone basis, saving manpower, and the two can be operated and used conveniently. It is suitable for narrow work spaces and limited operating space. Compared with separate glass cleaners and hollow glass heat presses, it saves space. Area, more economical and practical. DSE Insulating Glass Machine, Model 1600 Cleaning Hot Press Features:

     The cleaning area and the water tank are all made of stainless steel and corrosion-resistant materials, which are durable;

     The core part is divided into cleaning area (brush), suction area (sponge roller) and drying area (high pressure fan, electric heating air knife), excellent cleaning and drying effect;

     The drying section adopts 4 sponge roll suction and hot air drying technologies to ensure the cleaning and drying effects.

     The transmission system of the washing machine adopts a stepless speed-regulation pure copper core motor, which can improve the processing efficiency of the washing machine in the case of seasonal temperature changes.

     Cleaning hot press machine technical parameters

      Input power 380V 50HZ

     Total power 25KW

     Working speed 1.2-5.0m/min

     Minimum glass size 300*400mm

     The largest glass size 1600*2000mm

     Cleaning maximum thickness 12mm

     Hot pressing thickness 50mm

     The fastest working speed 5m/min

     Dimensions: Length, Width, Height 2000*1700*1400mm (with double extension)

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