how to make the window and door machienry in longer service life?

- May 08, 2018-

Some auxiliary materials such as beading and sealing of aluminum door and window equipment shall be matched with the main profile. The drainage grooves and air pressure balance holes of aluminum window equipment shall be processed in a staggered position, which can effectively prevent the entry of cold wind and dust, and the assembly of relatively strict plastic steel. The window is equipped with a closed lid in the drainage hole part, which can effectively prevent the inflow of rainwater from the hole.

     The doors, windows and windows made of aluminum doors and windows must be flat and securely attached to the glass. Do not directly contact the plastic profile. Use a sealing bead to close the gap. The sliding window should have aluminum sliding rails under the window frame. In general, double pulleys are better than single pulleys.

      As the manufacturing technology of plastic steel windows is very different, so we must choose a professional manufacturer of professional aluminum doors and windows equipment. The material and quality of nylon window strips will directly affect the durability of steel doors and windows.

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