Light Duty Lab Presses

- Mar 27, 2019-

P-LUCK does it again with the perfect press for the application. This press was designed to run precision die sets in pre-production batchs of very high precision parts. The design features full air operation for easy hook up. The entire assembly weighs approx 50 lbs so it is easy to move around. The table top design makes it easy to place anywhere so it can fit into your layout instead of fitting the layout around the press.

Dual palm buttons are employed for efficiency and safety.

The die set in the press is made for cutting extremely thin soft material with a precise scissor cut to exacting tolerances. To achieve these tolerances the press must complement the die set and in this case it does so extremely well.

Press force can range from a hundred pounds to a couple of tons. This design is perfectly suited to small precision parts. Call us now to find out more about the the right Punch Tools press for your application.

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