maintenance for insulating glass machines

- Apr 16, 2018-

The vertical hollow glass production line belongs to the high-end hollow glass processing equipment. Today, the increasing labor cost and the increasing degree of mechanization have attracted more and more companies of insulating glass processing. Many users often have a very detailed understanding of manufacturers, mechanical structures, and parts brands in the purchase of equipment. Once they are purchased, they relax and rely only on the after-sales service of the manufacturers, neglecting the maintenance and maintenance of equipment in daily production. The importance of

    The maintenance and maintenance of equipment is to make the equipment in a good state of operation, reduce downtime, improve equipment utilization, reduce mechanical wear and tear, extend service life, reduce operating and maintenance costs. As the saying goes, if you want to do something good, you must first sharpen its tools. Today, Jinan Stone Machinery Co., Ltd. will discuss with you the knowledge of the maintenance and repair of vertical insulating glass production lines:

First, note:

 1. The glass must be blunt sharpened before cleaning, otherwise it will cause damage to some components.

2. Check whether the water tank is filled with water and ensure the water quality is clean.

3, according to the actual situation, adjust the water temperature controller in the electrical box to set the water temperature, generally at 15-50 °C can also add neutral detergent, in order to achieve the best cleaning results.

4, adjust the CVT speed control knob, according to the situation of glass dirt set transmission speed (usually about 3m/min).

5. The thickness of the cleaned glass is 3-12mm. After the glass is dried, there is a trace of waterdrops on the edge that is normal.

6. After installation and commissioning, please test the machine according to the sequence of operation instructions. If the glass is broken due to poor speed regulation, it must be quickly stopped and cleaned to avoid scratching the brush and the transfer roller.

7. All parts of the machine are well grounded.

Second, maintenance and maintenance:

    In order to ensure the good operation of the machine, the daily maintenance and maintenance of the machine should be strengthened. If there is any abnormality during the operation, it should be stopped immediately. Reboot after troubleshooting.

1, transmission maintenance:

    Each transfer roller bearing, brush roller bearing, transmission bearing, sprockets, gears are regularly filled with calcium-based grease; micro Cycloid reducer is added with calcium-based grease once every six months; stepless governor is changed every six months for Ub. - One or Ub - 3 type lubricating oil is used once, and the oil level should be checked from time to time during the operation to maintain the oil level above the center line of the slide.

2, water maintenance:

    The circulating water in the water tank should be changed every day. The water tank should be cleaned once a week, and the water spray condition of the water spray nozzle should be checked frequently. If it is found that the blockage should be cleared in time.

3, wind road maintenance:

    Check the operation of the fan regularly. If there is any abnormal sound, check the machine immediately to stop the machine. Regularly clean the fan filter screen to reduce the resistance of the draft and improve the cleanliness of the glass surface after air drying.

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