materials for the punch

- Apr 19, 2019-

The performance of the material is worried about high-speed steel, but its price is high, and the inventory is not complete, and the scope of use is relatively small. Tungsten steel punching rods are new products that can be produced by a few companies in recent years. They are mainly made of hard alloys. They have high toughness requirements for materials. The technical thresholds for production are also high, and the production cost is also high. It is generally used for cold stainless steel.Industry and deepening the field. The surface treatment of the surface of the punch bar, with the improvement of the quality of our products, more and more manufacturers are expecting to increase the service life of the punch bar. The titanium plating on the punch surface is a very good choice. The advantage is that the workpiece size control after titanium plating is better, the thickness is generally 2-3UM, and the deformation of the punch rod is also small, which is very suitable for the surface treatment of the punch rod. After the titanium plating, the surface friction coefficient of the punching rod is reduced, and the surface hardness is increased, so that the wear resistance of the punching rod is greatly increased, and the life is greatly prolonged. The types of titanium layers are commonly used for TIN, TCN, TIALN, ALCRN, etc. The comparability is determined according to the technology of different manufacturers, and no overstatement is made. The production of punch rods in China is mainly distributed in the Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta regions. The production of punch rods has high requirements for raw materials, mainly imported, and domestic materials are developed one after another, but stable. Not enough sex. In addition, the heat treatment of the punch material is also very technical, and the heat treatment process such as quenching temperature, tempering temperature and super-cooling time should be designed according to the specific use environment of the punch.

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