metal stamping mould parts

- Apr 17, 2018-

The main features of stamping process are high production efficiency and material utilization rate; followed by stamping parts or products with stable quality, good interchangeability, stamping parts with light weight, high strength, good rigidity and surface forming quality, and other processing methods Difficult to produce features. The disadvantages are:

(1) The stamping dies can only be used in accordance with the corresponding stamping process, the speciality is very strong, the cycle of stamping design and manufacturing is relatively long, sometimes the production of a complex stamping part (such as car doors, etc.) requires several sets of molds, manufacturing costs With high technical requirements and complicated structure, it is not suitable for production of stamped parts with small batches and many varieties. It is suitable for mass production in order to obtain higher economic benefits.

(2) The precision of stamping parts depends on the structural design of the molds and the manufacturing and installation level of the mold parts. If the stamping parts are overly accurate, stamping the mold parts will be difficult to achieve.

(3) Although the technical requirements of the operator are not high, the press operation is relatively simple. But stamping equipment such as mechanical press work. The equipment vibrates and is noisy. In manual operation, especially for piece counting operation, the stamping operator repeatedly reciprocates up and down with the press slider and the die (upper die assembly) mounted on the press slider. In the rhythm, the operation of placing the blank and taking out the workpiece is very monotonous to the operator, easily causing visual fatigue, and labor intensity.

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