Production safety of punching machine

- Feb 28, 2018-

As the punching machine has the characteristics of speed and pressure, it is necessary to follow certain safety rules for punching and forming with punching machine.

1. For transmission parts outside the press, a shield must be installed to prohibit driving or commissioning in the case of removing the shield.

2. Before driving should check whether the main fastening screws are loose, mold has no cracks, control mechanism, automatic stop device, clutch, brake is normal, lubrication system has no blockage or lack of oil. If necessary, you can open the empty car to do the experiment.

3. Installation of the mold must be open to the bottom dead, the closed height must be correct, as far as possible to avoid eccentric load, the mold must be firmly fastened, and after the test pressure check.

4. Focus on your work and keep your hands and tools out of the danger zone. Small pieces must be operated with special tools (tweezers or feeding mechanism). When the mould is stuck to the billet, only the tool is allowed to be released.

5. Find the pressure bed abnormal or abnormal sound, (such as combo sound, burst sound) should immediately stop feeding, check the reason. If the rotating parts loose, control device failure, mold loosening and defects, should stop repair.

6. Each time the workpiece is washed, the hand or foot must leave the button or pedal to prevent misoperation.