seamless PVC welding machine

- Apr 13, 2018-

Main specifications and technical parameters

Input power 220v

Input power 3.5kw

Working pressure 0.6Mpa

Air consumption 150L/min

Dimensions 4300×1300×1700mm

Weight ~1300kg


Very suitable for welding color (including film, transfer, two-color coextrusion, spraying) profile welding

After the welding of the  (seamless) plastic window welding machine is completed, the welding buds are cleaned once and the gap size of the welding is strictly controlled. Therefore, after the color profiles are welded, the surface welding is completed. The mouth is very beautiful and high grade, and the welding strength is higher than that of the original profile.

  The(seamless) plastic window welding machine controls the aerodynamic system to increase the welding strength of the welding strength, especially in the melting, fusion-weld gap, butt welding. The software processing in the process ensures that the welding strength is optimal under different environmental conditions and can be quantified and adjusted by numerical parameters.

  At the same time, since the surface after welding is cleaned directly, there is no cutting hook groove for the hook knife and the broach, so that the welding contact area is relatively increased by 10%-20%. By combining these two improvements, the welding strength is much better than ordinary window and door welding equipment.