single head 45 degree cutting machine

- Apr 13, 2018-

Main specifications and technical parameters

Processing Range 38-65 Series Insulated Aluminum Window Profiles, Aluminum Window Profiles

   Input power 2.25kw

   Input power (three-phase four-wire) 380v 50Hz

   Working pressure 0.6~0.8Mpa

   Air consumption 220L/min

Spindle speed 2800r∕min

Overall dimensions Length 1730×Wide 765×High 1390mm

Weight about 540kg


 The two-spindle motor assembly has a 45 degree inclination.

  Cutting knife stroke is guided by precision guide posts.

 The use of advanced automatic gas-liquid two-speed cylinder to promote cutting, any adjustment. Knife cutting speed.

Every time cutting 4 aluminum window profiles.

Pneumatic fixture pressure; automatic spray mist cooling cutting.

With 14-inch blade, a chain circuit, to prevent the wrong switch

The highest cutting aluminum height up to 82mm

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