single head cutting saw technology (1)

- Apr 11, 2018-

 main purpose and application scope

The machine is mainly used for cutting 90-degree angle cutting of plastic, aluminum and wood sections with a height of 135mm and a width of 380mm and a length of more than 10mm. The cutters use hard alloy saw blades and can be cut to different lengths by adjusting the positioning device.

2, working conditions and working environment

Working conditions: The machine uses a three-phase four-wire power supply, working air pressure is 0.5-0.8Mpa.

Working environment: The machine tool should be installed in a dry, dust-free, non-corrosive gas environment at a temperature of 10-40 °C on a hard and flat indoor concrete floor.

3, the main specifications and technical parameters

Power supply: Three-phase four-wire 380V 50HZ

Sawing motor: 3KW

Working pressure: 0.5-0.8Mpa

Air consumption: 40L/min

Sawing length: Min 10mm

Cutting width: 380mm

Cutting height: 135mm

Feed speed: High and low speed can be stepless speed regulation 0-3m/min

Saw blade specifications: Φ450*Φ30*4.4*120 (standard configuration)

Overall dimensions: 1700mm*11mm00*1060mm (without rack)

Weight: 650kg

4, characteristics and main components

4.1 Features

The machine tool consists of a large-sized working table, precision circular guides, precision spindles, high-power motors and precision feeding racks. It has the advantages of reasonable structure, stable cutting, reliable precision, and efficient cutting.

4.2 Main components

This machine is mainly composed of main parts such as work platform, bed, cutting mechanism, pressing mechanism, feeding mechanism, positioning mechanism, and control mechanism.

5, the use of the product description

5.1 Transportation and storage: The machine shall prevent severe jolts during transportation to prevent the machine from slipping and tipping during transportation.

5.2 Installation: After the machine is placed into position, the four feet should be adjusted horizontally and then fixed. The left and right feeding devices are respectively installed on the machine, and the plane and the table are on a plane line, and the left tray is adjusted. The rack allows the centerline of the guide rails of the positioning device to be parallel to the centerline of the machine's plate. After the above installation, the ventilation is conducted to observe whether there is a gas leak or not, and after reaching the specified air pressure, the power is turned on and tested and reversed. If reversed, please change the two phase lines. After starting the motor, check if there is any abnormal noise, then press down the manual valve, press the left and right pressing device down, and then use the foot pedal switch to check if the machine is walking. If everything is normal, the installation and debugging ends.

5.3 After the installation and commissioning, you can use the machine normally. Before using the machine, adjust the machine according to the required profile.

(1) Adjust the length of the cutting profile: Loosen the hand wheel of the positioning device, and then move the brake to the desired position.

(2) Adjusting the cutting profile speed: This machine sets high and low speeds to improve cutting efficiency. When the width of the profile is small and the air travel of the saw blade is large, this machine is designed to reduce the waiting time of the air travel.

Adjustment step: Use the Allen wrench to loosen the sensor bracket screw into the cylinder, move forward, that is, the distance of high-speed movement increases, and move backwards, that is, the distance at high speed decreases. The principle of adjustment is high-speed idle walking stroke, low-speed cutting. Profiles to maximize efficiency. After the adjustment is completed, lock the sensor bracket to the wire.

(3) Adjust the spray volume: The oil mist has a great influence on the surface smoothness of the cutting profile and the life of the saw blade, so it must be sprayed when sawing. However, the amount of spray should not be too small or too large, too small does not work, excessive fuel consumption is too large, increase the cost, adjust the switch on the spray device can be achieved.

(4) Speed adjustment when cutting profiles: Adjust the rod on the square-type speed control valve bundled on the cylinder, clockwise, and counterclockwise.

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