striping machine for Aluminium Windows

- Dec 06, 2018-

Equipment performance introduction:


1. Pressing three sets of hard rolling cutters to press the aluminum alloy profiles with heat insulation strips;

2, using three sets of pressure sensors, can display accurate pressure adjustment through the electronic display to ensure the rolling quality of the profile;

3, equipped with three position display, can be used with the pressure sensor, easy for the operator to master;

4, the main components use imported accessories, reliable performance, high degree of automation;

5, the whole machine is sprayed, beautiful and durable;


Production Process:


1. Rolling the profile that has been pierced into the strip--rolling firmly with a rolling knife;

2. The rolling machine adopts three sets of rolling cutters to press the profiles which have been penetrated into the heat insulation strips, and is pressed by the rolling cutters to achieve the close combination of the aluminum materials and the heat insulation strips;

3. Three sets of high-precision digital pressure sensors can be used to accurately measure the pressure of each set of profiles during the rolling process, and the operation is simple;