the profit determines the service for window machines

- Apr 24, 2018-

The customer always feels expensive, the mission is down the price, and I calculate the material cost. I would like to ask him:

R & D costs you added it?

Is labor cost added?

Is the cost of the store increased?

Is management cost added?

Do you want to sell it?

Do you still have a warranty?


The premise of service is profit.

Profit space can be squeezed,

But can't disappear,

Otherwise there is service that disappears along with the profits.


Please don’t overdo it.

Everyone must survive,

You took away his living space.

The service disappeared.

Aluminum profile cutting machine Parker machine


Please respect our industry,

We do our best to serve everyone.

Without profit, where will our funds continue to be serviced?


If you keep on pressing prices again and again, I am sorry!

Sometimes we will say to you: No,

Because we will do our best to do everything

Not only is it responsible to you,

More responsible for yourself!

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