Thermal Break Assembly Rolling Machine

- May 12, 2018-

This aluminum profile rolling machine is to combine thermal barrier strip or plastic profile with aluminum profiles to make the end product, which is called bridge-cut-off aluminum alloy profile or thermal break aluminum profile. Hardened rollers are used to press the knurled profile and thermal barrier strip or plastic profile together, to make a composite profile that has great insulation effect.

1. Using rigid rolling wheel with 3 groups, clamp firmly the aluminum profile that passed heat insulated strip.  

2. Three sets of pressure transducer that can be express the adjustment of pressure accurately to ensure the high quality of rolled profiles.

3. Three position monitor that can be used with a pressure transducer is convenient for operator to grasp.

4. Main components adopt imported accessories, reliable performance, highly degree of automation.

5. The overall of machine is sprayed, beautiful and durable;

6. The profile has been gullet and knurled that can be clamp firmly with rolling cutter.

7. The rolling machine with 3 groups rolling cutter that make the profile that passed heat insulated strip, after clamping through rolling cutter to achieve insulation with aluminum strips closely.

8. High-precision digital pressure transducer with 3 groups that can accurately measure the pressure in rolling process, simple operation.

Technical data:

Model FHJ-01
Power supply 380V/50Hz
Total power 4.73Kw
Roller diameter 240mm or 200mm
Whole height of three pairs of rollers  0-80mm
Max processing size of profiles W*H=230mm*230mm
Feeding speed 0-70m/min
Overall dimension L*W*H=1550mm*1050mm*1600mm
Weight 1500Kg

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