three-Axis Bending Machine for Aluminium

- Oct 16, 2018-

The three-roll three-dimensional profile spheronizing machine has a pre-bending function of the profile. The three work rolls are the main drive rolls and are realized by hydraulic motors and gears. The two lower rolls are hydraulically driven and the two lower rolls can be built around a fixed center of rotation. The curved lifting movement, the rollers on both sides of the work rolls and the correction guide roller arrangement help to ensure the contour quality of the asymmetrical section (eg angle steel).
The bed of the three-dimensional profile spheronizer is a steel plate welded structure and annealed to eliminate internal stresses. The machine has sufficient strength and rigidity to meet the bending of the profile within the capabilities of the machine. The replacement mold can be used for rolling angle steel, flat steel, square steel, channel steel, I-beam, round steel, steel pipe and other profiles. The machine has advanced structure, reliable operation, small size and complete functions. It is an advanced profile forming equipment at home and abroad. Profile bending machines are widely used in boilers, shipbuilding, hydropower, metal structures and other industries.
Because the profile loading and unloading machine replaces the operator, it can carry a wide range of profiles and lengths for large, medium and small vessels. It can handle straight and curved contours. It can realize the profile bending machine, the cutting machine and the welding machine are connected in series, so that the bending of the profile can automate the processing of the bending machine and form an automatic production line for contour processing. In this way, the safety and production efficiency of profile processing will inevitably be improved.

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