what is the Compound rolling machine?

- Oct 17, 2018-

1. The overall electric adjustment of six sets of cutter heads, without manual adjustment; can quickly change different profiles. The upper and lower widths of each set of cutter heads can be adjusted arbitrarily, and different widths of heat insulation strips are available.
2, full-time six-wheel drive, six sets of power system, six wheels with main power, uniform force, fast speed, high efficiency, truly achieved three sets of rolling.
3. Inverter stepless speed regulation, linear motion, precision screw advancement, (LCD touch screen display)
4, up to 8 sets of nylon wheel positioning, to achieve high-precision positioning, flying wing type opening and closing shield is practical and beautiful.
5. The machine is composed of multiple parts such as tool, spindle box, transmission mechanism, feed mechanism, overall automatic adjustment and lifting mechanism, illumination, frequency converter, electric control system, fuselage, workbench and pallet.
a. The tool consists of 12 230 mm diameter rolling cutters.
b. The transmission mechanism is simple and durable, and the use cost is low.
c. The feeding mechanism adopts manual feeding and is equipped with a pressure gauge to display the feeding pressure, which is convenient for the operator to grasp, and the movable tool is pressed by the square rail to press the profile.
d. The overall automatic lifting mechanism uses the motor to drive the four groups of lifting mechanisms at the same time to achieve the overall lifting function, which minimizes the adjustment of the tool, and is equipped with a digital display table for lifting and lowering, which is convenient for the operator to repeat the operation each time.
e. The electric control system makes full use of the various functions of the inverter. The control buttons control the realization of various functions. Various actions are equipped with text indication and digital indication for easy operation.
f. The loading rack is a supporting material system developed in conjunction with the automatic lifting mechanism. When the overall lifting machine is rolled, the supporting racks at the front and rear ends of the machine tool should also be combined with lifting, and the lower hand wheel can be used to adjust the overall plane of the rack. rise.