what is the self-lubricating bearing?

- Apr 19, 2018-

The self-lubricating bearing uses high-strength brass as the base material, and holes are embedded in the working face to insert solid lubricant so that it can be released during the friction process and generate a layer of solid lubricant film for self-lubrication purposes. Its material combines the characteristics of metal and non-metal, especially suitable for heavy load, low speed, high temperature and other unrefueling work. Features: 1. Can work for a long time without oil lubrication conditions; 2. Suitable for occasions where oil film is difficult to form such as reciprocating, rotating and clearance movement; 3. More suitable for heavy load and low speed working conditions, with good wear resistance Properties and low coefficient of friction; 4, corrosion and chemical resistance; 5, for the temperature range of -40 ° c to 300 ° c; 6, maintenance-free, long service life. Typical applications: 1. Heavy-duty, low-speed self-lubricating such as dam working arc door hinge bearings, accident door bearings, turbine bearings, etc.; 2. Used in high temperature applications, such as steel mills, metallurgical equipment, rolling mills, transport roller, high temperature Blowers, drying furnace bearings, etc.; 3, steam locomotive industry, covering stamping die, assembly lines, conveyor belts and other bearings; 4, other work with bearings, engineering machinery, injection molding machines, all kinds of high-precision molds. As well as chemical machinery, food machinery, paper machinery, textile printing and dyeing machinery, etc., which need corrosion resistance and water infiltration, and heavy-duty, low-speed, unrefillable working conditions.

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