what should be noted for installing the windows in winter

- May 09, 2018-

After entering the winter, due to the large temperature difference between indoor and outdoor in winter, it has a serious impact on the processing quality of broken aluminum doors and windows. In order to ensure the quality of doors and windows processing and installation, the door and window factory should pay full attention in order to prevent problems. Winter installation of windows and doors also has the advantage of winter, such as winter indoor air drying, paint drying faster, reducing the adsorption of dust particles in the air, brushing the color, quality and other effects are good; the moisture content of wood also reached a year In the lowest point, decoration can basically eliminate cracking and deformation. So, as long as technically control the winter prone problems, winter will be a great opportunity for decoration. Broken Bridge Aluminum Door and Window Installation (1) Positioning and Discharging: The glass door combined with the fixed glass and the movable glass door leaf is used for the unified positioning of the line. According to the requirements of the design and construction drawings, the positioning line of the glass door is released, and the position of the door frame is determined to accurately measure the elevation of the ground and the height of the door frame and the height of the middle cross frame. (2) Limiting slot at the top of the mounting frame: The width of the limiting slot should be greater than the thickness of the glass 2-4mm, and the depth of the slot is 10-20mm. During the installation, two metal decorative board edges are drawn from the middle line of the bullet, and then the limiting groove at the top of the door frame is installed according to the edge line. The groove depth in the slot is adjusted by a glue pad. In addition to the wood lining, the limiting slot is made of 1.5mm steel plate pressing, steel plate welding and aluminum metal profile lining outsourcing stainless steel. (3) Install the metal veneer of the veneer base: first fix the veneer on the ground, and then use the adhesive to attach the veneer to the wood. The veneer can be nailed directly on the embedded brick or through expansion The method of bolting is fixed. If the aluminum alloy square tube is used, it can be fixed on the frame column with an aluminum angle, or be fixed on the wooden brick embedded in the ground with a wood screw. (4) Install the vertical door frame: attach the centerline of the bullet to the door frame and then use the plywood to determine the shape and position of the door frame column. Finally outsourcing metal decorative surface. When decorating the bag, place the facing seams on the head in the middle door position on both sides of the installation glass. Seam location must be accurate and ensure vertical. (5) Install the glass: Use a glass suction cup machine to suck the thick glass, then hold the suction cup to lift the thick glass plate by 2-3 people and move it to the installation position. Then insert the top of the glass into the limit slot at the top of the door frame. Then place the lower part of the glass on the bottom support. The lower part of the glass is aligned with the center line, and the edges of both sides just close the metal ornaments on the outside of the door frame. It is required that both the inside and the outside cannot see the veneer and take over the mouth. (6) Fixed glass: Two small square wooden sticks are used to clamp the thick glass to the middle door at the bottom of the square wood. The square wood strip is about 4mm away from the glass plate surface, and then the all-purpose glue is applied on the square wood strip. The decorative metal sticks to the square bar. (7) Note glass seal: Inject glass seal on both sides of the top limit slot and bottom bracket opening, as well as the gap between the thick glass and the frame column, etc. At the beginning of the gap, the gap is filled with uniform speed, so that the glass glue forms a uniform straight line on the surface outside the gap, scrape off the excess glass glue with a plastic sheet, and wipe the glue trace with a cloth. (8) Docking between glass: When the fixed part of the glass door is required to be spliced due to its large size, the seam must have a width of 2-3 mm, and the edge of the glass plate should be chamfered. After the glass is fixed, the glass glue is injected into the butt gap. After filling, the plastic sheet is used to scrape the glue on both sides of the joint of the glass plate, so that the gap forms a clean uniform straight line, and the glass surface is wiped clean with a clean cloth. (9) Installation of movable glass door: Before installation of the door leaf, the positioning pins of the floor spring and the top surface of the door frame shall be positioned and installed. Both axes must be coaxial, and the vertical line shall be checked during installation to ensure the rotation of the ground spring and the positioning pin. The center line is on the same line. (10) Install the glass door upper and lower door clamps: Install the upper and lower metal door clamps on the upper and lower ends of the glass door leaf, and measure the height of the door leaf. If the top and bottom margins of the door leaf exceed the specified gap between the door's horizontal frame and the floor, that is, the height of the door leaf is not enough, the bottom of the glass door in the bottom door clamp can be covered with wood cleats.

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