window machine for mullion end milling

- Jun 08, 2018-

1).Super precision main shaft ensures accurate and steady processing.
2).Convenient tool setting is due to adjustable worktable, worktable can be adjusted in vertical direction by a hand wheel,hand wheel for different height adjustment.  
3).Various angle mullion milling for arch window or other special shape window.
4).Vertical and horizontal positioning&clamping system.
5).At the same time milling multi-piece profiles.
6).User can change different end milling cutters according to different profile section.
7).Super precision main shaft insured accurate and steady processing.
8).Tool feeding adopted linear bearing motion pair, which ensured steady process.
9).It has features of compact structure, wide processing range, convenient operation and high efficiency, uniform speed feeding and high milling quality due to airdraulic damping cylinder.

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