Aluminium Cutting Saw Features

- Jun 07, 2018-

Performance characteristics:

Hidden blades improve safety performance.

Foot switch, automatic pressure and sawing material.

Automatic injection, no burrs on the cut surface, and the blade is more durable.

It is suitable for single or multiple sawing at one time in a variety of small or large quantities.

Recommended for the industry:

Fitness equipment, furniture industry, auto parts,

Bicycle industry, motorcycle industry, child bed, baby carriage industry, etc.




The main technical parameters 

General specifications MC-455

Sawing angle 90° & 45°

Saw shaft speed 3500RRM

Sawing speed 10——15cyle/min

Work - area 650×680mm

Work-face height 850mm

Motor power 4KW

Required pressure 6-8kg/cm

Feeder length can be set according to your company's length

Mechanical size 750×850×1200mm

Packing size 800×900×1350mm

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