Aluminium Fabrication Machines For Window Factory

- Mar 30, 2018-

Because of the difference in the connection mode and the way of frame and fan group angle, the cutting equipment for the thermal insulation bridge aluminum doors and windows and the cutting equipment for the plastic steel doors and windows are also not quite the same. In addition to the former including a double-headed saw, there are broken aluminum door and window corner cut saws. The thermal break bridge aluminum double-headed cutting saws mainly include CNC precision cutting saws, digital precision cutting saws, precision cutting saws and ordinary double-head cutting saws. Among them, the CNC precision cutting saw machine has the advantages of high processing speed, high efficiency and high precision. The digital display precision cutting saw machine and the precision cutting saw machine have the same processing effect. The difference is that the former has a digital display function, and people can use the digital display table to be more convenient and fast. , accurately cut to length, improve the processing efficiency of doors and windows. Both are very suitable thermal break aluminum doors and windows equipment for medium-sized projects. As for the ordinary double-head cutting sawing machine, that is, everybody says "sawing king" or "06 saw" and the straight-line 06 saw and 450 small-precision saw are the earliest and most simple and relatively simple doors and windows equipment. For customers who produce less than 10,000 square feet per year, this double-headed saw is the best choice for you to buy broken aluminum windows and doors. Compared with the previous 06 saw, the current sawing machine has increased the special electromagnetic valve for spraying, which enhances the lubrication function of the equipment and prolongs the service life of the saw blade. The surface of the left saw head was changed from flat to slope cutting, which reduced the danger caused by chipping and improved the safety of workers. Thermal break bridge aluminum doors and windows corner cut saw is divided into numerical control type, automatic type and semi-automatic type. General customers will choose automatic angle cutting saws, as long as we put the corner profile on the table, and then set the cutting size.

Secondly, the thermal break bridge aluminum doors and windows corner device.

Aluminum alloy doors and windows of thermal insulation bridges and plastic doors and windows are not the same as the angle of the way, the former is a corner connection, the latter is directly heated and welded. Therefore, in the thermal insulation bridge aluminum doors and windows equipment will have this product. The grouping machine is mainly divided into four-head group corner machine, double-head group corner machine and single-head hydraulic group corner machine. In terms of cost performance, the single-head hydraulic angle cutter is the best choice, and it is also the most used corner-type door and window equipment for everyone on the market today. As for the four-headed group angle machine and the double-headed group angle machine, unless the project owner needs it, very few customers purchase such equipment.

crimping machine3.jpg

Third, the thermal break bridge aluminum doors and windows milling equipment.

Thermal break bridge aluminum doors and windows milling equipment mainly includes face milling machine and keyhole slot machine and aluminum door and window profile milling machine. The mid-range connection of the thermal break aluminum doors and windows is also not welded, but it is in the form of a screw connection or a corner connection process. Broken bridge aluminum door and window face milling machine is mainly used to mill the end face of the mid-profile, so that the midline can be reasonably spliced with the frame material. The choice of this type of milling machine is very simple. If you are working on a large end face milling machine and mid-end milling, you can process 5 to 6 profiles at a time. If you do more work than usual, and most of the mid-profiles are the same, use a small face milling machine, which can only process one tipper at a time, economical and affordable. One of the weaknesses of small face milling machines has to be mentioned here: Different mid-profiles require different milling cutters. The keyhole slot machine in the broken bridge aluminum door and window equipment is mainly used for the processing of aluminum and window sinks and keyholes in the thermal insulation and bridge breaking.

Aluminium End milling machine1.jpg

Fourth, thermal insulation broken aluminum doors and windows stamping equipment.

The heat insulation broken bridge aluminum doors and windows punching equipment is mainly divided into the pneumatic punch press and the hydraulic punch press, used for punching the sink, the handle hole, the middle pin hole, and the connecting rod hole and so on.