Aluminum Doors And Windows Characteristics

- May 08, 2018-

Compared with ordinary wooden doors and windows and steel doors and windows, aluminum alloy doors and windows have the following characteristics:

1. Lightweight and high-strength. Since the cross section of the door and window frame is an empty-walled thin-walled composite section, this section is good for use and reduces the quality of aluminum alloy profiles due to fasting. Aluminum alloy doors and windows are lighter than steel doors and windows by about 50%. Larger, and lighter weight, its section has a higher bending stiffness.

2. Good sealing performance. Sealing performance is an important performance index of doors and windows. Aluminum alloy doors and windows are better than ordinary wooden doors and windows and steel doors and windows. Their airtightness, watertightness and sound insulation are good. Aluminum alloy doors and windows themselves, sliding doors and windows than the flat Open doors and windows are somewhat less confined, so nylon roofs are added to the structure of sliding doors and windows to enhance their sealing performance.

3, the use of small deformation. First, because the profile itself, a good stiffness, and second, due to the cold connection in the production process. Horizontal and vertical bar parts, the installation of hardware accessories, are using screws, bolts or aluminum nails, it is Through the angle aluminum or other types of connectors, the frame and the sash are connected into a whole. Compared with the welded connection of the steel doors and windows, this cold connection can avoid the deformation caused by uneven heating during the welding process. To ensure the production of precision.

4, beautiful facade. First, beautiful shape, large doors and windows, so that the building facade effect is simple and bright, and increase the contrast between reality and reality, rich sense of hierarchy; second is the color tone, the door frame material after oxidation coloring, can be Silver, yellow, bronze, bronze, yellow and black, or colored patterns, the appearance is gorgeous and elegant, no need to paint or surface repair.

5, corrosion resistance, easy to use and maintenance. Aluminum alloy doors and windows do not need to paint, do not fade, do not fall off, the surface does not require maintenance. Aluminum doors and windows high strength, good rigidity, durable, open and close light and flexible, no noise.

6, the construction speed is fast. The aluminum alloy doors and windows on-site installation of a small amount of work, the construction speed.

7, the use of high value. In the architectural decoration project, especially for high-rise buildings, high-grade decorative works, if the decorative effect, air conditioning operation and long-term maintenance and other aspects of comprehensive trade-offs, the value of aluminum alloy doors and windows is superior to other Kind of door window.

8, to facilitate industrial production. Aluminum alloy door and window frame material processing, production of supporting parts and seals and door and window assembly test, etc., can be carried out in the factory for large-scale industrial production, is conducive to the standardization of doors and windows design, product serialization and zero Universal accessories, and commercialization of doors and windows products.

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