Building Structure Firm Ways

- Apr 18, 2018-

Steel structures are commonly used in various engineering structures with large spans, large heights, large loads, and large dynamic forces, and have a wide range of applications. With the development of steel structures, their stability has become more and more important, and steel structures are being reinforced.

1, change the steel structure calculation graphics reinforcement method. The method of reinforcing the structure by means of changing the distribution of load, the way of force transmission, the nature of the nodes and the boundary conditions, adding additional rods and supports, applying prestressing force, taking into account spatial cooperation work and other measures. The general way to change the structure of a calculation graph is:

(1) Increase the support to form a spatial structure and check according to the spatial structure, add support to increase the structural rigidity or adjust the natural vibration frequency of the structure, etc. to increase the structural bearing capacity and improve the structural dynamic characteristics;

(2) Add support or auxiliary rods to reduce the slenderness ratio of the structure to improve its stability;

2. Add fulcrum reinforcement method. After adding fulcrums to the mid-span, the beams and plates reduce the span, which can greatly increase the carrying capacity, and can reduce and limit the deflection of the beams and plates. It is applicable to the reinforcement of horizontal structures such as beams, plates, trusses, and grids in long-span structures with unrestricted roof clearance. Its advantage is simple and reliable, the disadvantage is that the use of space will be affected.

3, Changzhou steel structure manufacturers introduce bonded steel reinforcement method. Steel-enforced reinforced concrete beams are generally made of wet-type outer-concrete method, that is, the use of epoxy resin grouting and other methods to bond the steel and the reinforced component into a whole. After the reinforcement, the area of the steel section under tension and pressure is greatly increased. Therefore, the normal section bearing capacity and the section rigidity also increase significantly.

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