Combining Machine For Aluminium Window

- May 15, 2018-

For the combining machine:

1. They have 8 discs to assemble which is more smooth since each pair of discs doesn't have to push as much.

2. They have a pressure indicator.

3. They have a quick change option to allow faster adjustment

4. Motors are connected by a driver in electric panel.

5. Speed is adjustable when profiles pass through machine.

6. We have checked client profiles, they are absolutely suitable for our machine.

7. Regarding double axis CNC: one is worktable height(this is also roller height), another is pressing wheel(this is also profile height)

8. For 5 axis, because there are 3 groups of wheels, one group of wheels are one axis, altogether are 6 wheels, so 3 axis, and plus above mentioned 2 axis(worktable height+pressing wheel), distances between wheels are CNC adjusted.

9. Using rigid rolling wheel with 4 groups, clamp firmly the aluminum profile that passed heat insulated strip.  

10. 4 sets of pressure transducer that can be express the adjustment of pressure accurately to ensure the high quality of rolled profiles.

11. Three position monitor that can be used with a pressure transducer is convenient for operator to grasp.

12. Main components adopt imported accessories, reliable performance, highly degree of automation.

13. The overall of machine is sprayed, beautiful and durable;

14. The profile has been gullet and knurled that can be clamp firmly with rolling cutter.

15. The rolling machine with 3 groups rolling cutter that make the profile that passed heat insulated strip, after clamping through rolling cutter to achieve insulation with aluminum strips closely.

16. High-precision digital pressure transducer with 4 groups that can accurately measure the pressure in rolling process, simple operation

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