Daily Maintian For Cutting Machines

- Jun 07, 2018-

1, daily inspection of aluminum cutting machine oil cup with or without oil, our company uses 20# air pressure oil, should maintain seven full, avoid air pressure parts without lubrication and reduce service life, check whether the pressure is maintained 6 -7kg pressure can be operated, too much pressure or too small easy to damage the air pressure parts, the machine's water filter has automatic row number function, if you can not automatically drain, please replace the water filter device to avoid the pipeline product Water, affecting machine work

     2. When the power supply is not in use, keep the fuse switch closed to ensure the safety of the machine and personnel.

     3. At the refueling and lubrication point, the supporting points of the supporting rod and the press frame ring, the front and rear axles of the connecting rod frame, the cylinder joints, and the fittings of the two rollers in and out of the material, need to be checked once a week, timely lubrication and avoiding the jam. Loss of downtime

     4. Cutting oil: The fuel injection group can spray CPC-R32 or saponification oil, the air volume can be adjusted and the left and right oil amount can be controlled separately. The use of aluminum alloy cutting oil or water-soluble cutting oil (saponified oil) 1:20, the proportion can not be too thin , To avoid rust or stuck water due to heavy weight, need to check daily whether the amount of oil is enough, need to add when insufficient, adequate cooling can increase the life of the tool, reduce the aluminum cut flash.

     5, keep the table clean to ensure the accuracy of sawing

     6. Check whether the air duct is damaged daily. If it is damaged, replace it with a new air duct to prevent the machine from working due to water leakage.

     7. The oil tank uses CPC-R68 hydraulic oil, which needs to maintain seven full minutes to ensure smooth cylinder movement. When refueling, first remove the gas source off the back cover, open the oil cover above the oil drum, and add the oil to seven. After the full time, close the oil cover and just cover the back cover.

     8. Periodically (preferably once a week) check the belt for excessive wear, parallelism, and if the belt surface pressure is too loose or too tight.

     9. If there is any malfunction or inoperative condition of the pneumatic parts during operation, replace the defective pneumatic parts.

     10. The fuel injection cooling system of the machine uses an injector, which uses the siphon principle to suck the cooling oil to the nozzle and cool the saw blade, so as to avoid the failure of the air pressure parts and the obstruction of the sundries.

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