Double-head Cutting Saw Safety Operation Procedures

- Feb 22, 2019-

Double-head cutting saw safety operation procedures

Double-head cutting saw safety operation procedures

In order to ensure the safety of the person and equipment, this operation procedure must be strictly implemented during operation.

First, the preparation work before starting:

1. Clean and maintain the machine. Before starting the machine, it is necessary to clean and lubricate the moving parts and guide rails. After refueling, it must be idling;

2. Before using the equipment, check whether the gas source triplet is normal. Observe whether the lubricating oil in the oil mister reaches the minimum oil supply standard line. If it is insufficient, it should be supplemented with 32# mechanical oil in time; clean the discharge water separator. Water, gas source triplet should be cleaned every three months, especially water cups, filter elements and other parts. Note: It is strictly forbidden to remove the triplet components with air pressure to avoid injury or damage to the equipment. The oil mist injector should be controlled to 1-2 drops per minute.

3. Check the addition of saw blade coolant or lubricant. (Type of coolant: 1. 5-7# engine oil + 70% kerosene blending. 2. Special metal cutting fluid. To ensure the normal use and cutting effect of the equipment, it is strictly forbidden to use clean water as the coolant.)

Second, operation and safety:

1. According to the wall thickness and end face size of the profile, the sawing speed should be adjusted appropriately.

2. Select the appropriate profile plane as the reference surface and close it to the work surface of the equipment.

3. The profile should be compacted accurately. In the case of special shape profiles, the profile cutting tooling should be customized to assist the positioning of the profiles to ensure accurate cutting.

4. When changing the cutting angle of the machine head, you must first observe whether the saw blade and the pressing device interfere. The angle handle must be locked after the angle adjustment is completed.

5. Full spray cooling must be performed during the cutting process.

6. It is not advisable to leave the material head too small during the cutting process to avoid falling into the kerf and injuring the saw blade.

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