Equipment Needed To Produce Broken Aluminum Doors And Windows

- Apr 05, 2018-

Equipment needed to produce broken aluminum doors and windows:

(1) Double-cutting saws, if the project is not large, you can use a lower corner function.

(2) For face milling, it is best to select a 250, 4 or 5 knife so that all face milling problems can be solved.

(3) The group angle machine is generally used single-headed, if the amount of work is large, four-head group corner machine can also be selected.

(4) The corner saw can choose whether to purchase according to the size of the project.

Materials needed to produce broken aluminum doors and windows:

Materials need to break the bridge profile This is the main material, there are other auxiliary materials from the sale of profile glass must be hollow, and the intermediate air layer can not be less than 9 mm, glass control profiles, wet glass installation note glue, dry method Install glass Note the space of the strip.

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