Five Noted Question For Window Machinery Sales

- Apr 06, 2018-

1. What is aluminum alloy?

Is to add some aluminum alloy elements to enhance the strength and hardness.

2 What is a normal aluminum alloy profile?

It is the same air-free layer both inside and outside, the inside and outside color can only be the same, and the surface is sprayed with anti-corrosion treatment.

3. What is a broken bridge aluminum alloy profile? What is its advantage?

Is divided into two ends in the process, in the use of PA66 nylon strip to connect the two ends into a whole, the formation of three air layers, inside and outside non-conductor, inside and outside the color can be arbitrarily chosen, beautiful, good performance, resulting in energy-saving effect.

4. What is the difference between ordinary aluminum alloy profiles and broken bridge aluminum alloy profiles?

The general aluminum profile is entirely conductive, and its heat transfer and heat dissipation are relatively fast. At both ends of the broken bridge aluminum profile, PA66 nylon strips are used to connect to form three air layers. The inside and outside are not conductors. The temperature difference between inside and outside is not the same and the color is diversified.

5. What is insulating glass? What is the K value for aluminum doors and windows with broken bridges? What is the K value for aluminum doors and windows? What is the soundproofing?

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