Function For PVC Welding

- Mar 20, 2019-

1.  PVC welding machine for PVC window and door is used for welding and machining of PVC door and window.It can processing all kinds of shapes.
2.  The work type is swing-out,it adopts pneumatic transmission to clamp and cut the profiles.
3.  The structure of the machine is simple and light,it is easy to operate and has high precision.
4.PLC control, pneumatic drive, simple operation, stable capability.  Weld four-point ,three-point, two point, single point, transom, cross -transom and special angle.  
5.Four heads can work simultaneously, individually and commutatively  Assembled with B to make up double-four-corner welding machine  

6.This machine is made up of machine heads, frame, electric controller box, profile-holding frame, etc.

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