Glass Development In Our Life

- Mar 30, 2018-

Glass is ubiquitous in our lives and plays a huge, irreplaceable role. So, how did the glass come from? What kind of development did it experience? Should few people know it! we will talk about the origin of glass in development:

The glass was first obtained after the magma erupted from the volcano became solid. Before about 3700 BC, people in ancient Egypt had already made glass decorations and relatively simple glassware. At that time, there were only colored glass. Probably before 1000 BC, glass began to appear in our country and colourless glass was produced. Probably in the 12th century AD, commercial glass was produced and gradually became a raw material for industrial production. In the 18th century, optical glass was developed to meet the requirements of manufacturing telescopes. In 1873, the Belgians produced flat glass, the world's oldest flat glass.

Glass products have continued to develop since the Belgians made flat glass. In 1906, flat glass was introduced in the United States. Since that time, with the industrialization and scale-up of glass manufacturing, glass of various functions and various kinds of features have gradually appeared. At present, glass has become a key raw material in the fields of social life, production and technology.

From the above description of the author, it can be seen that the production of glass is not one-step, it is also gradually progressing through a step-by-step process, and it has become a variety of styles of glass that we are now seeing.

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