Growth Opportunities In Aluminium Window And Door Market

- Apr 03, 2018-

Aluminum alloy door and window equipment

The solar radiation belongs to near-infrared spectrum in the spectrum, and the broken aluminum alloy door and window equipment can also enter the room through ordinary white glass. In the summer and west windows of buildings in most parts of the country, especially in the south, solar radiation is the main cause of indoor heat.

In recent years, as buildings have been completed at an average speed of 2 billion square meters each year, windows have become larger and larger, and the energy used for cooling and air conditioning in summer has increased steadily. Chromaticity: The color of the same aluminum alloy profile should be the same, such as obvious color difference, that is not suitable for purchase. Flatness: Check the surface of the aluminum alloy profile, there should be no depression or bulging. Gloss: aluminum alloy doors and windows to avoid the purchase of surface bubbles (white spots) and ash (black spots), as well as cracks, burrs, peeling and other obvious defects in the profile. Oxidation degree: The oxide film thickness should reach 10 microns. When you purchase, you can lightly stroke the surface of the profile to see if the oxide film on the surface can be wiped off. Three-point production, seven-point installation, if you do not pay attention to the installation standards, it may cause future deformation of doors and windows.

The real technology is in the system engineering with doors and windows: Door and window hardware accessories are both static and dynamic, and they must be satisfied at the same time. This essentially determines the fineness of door and window technology. In many exhibitions, we saw the doors and windows of many famous companies. The aluminum processing equipment for broken bridges looks very good. Electrophoretic aluminum, even fluorocarbon-sprayed aluminum, and insulating glass, are colourful and varied in style, but they are not flexible to open. Large shaking, unreasonable configuration. This is the result of not paying attention to the hardware. Compared with other doors and windows on the market, the most prominent advantage of FRP doors and windows is that DD can always be energy-saving and heat-insulating and meet low-carbon requirements. Thickness: For example, the aluminum alloy sliding door is available in 70 series and 90 series. The aluminum alloy sliding door inside the house can be used with 70 series. The series number indicates the thickness of the door frame thickness in millimeters. Aluminum alloy sliding window has 55 series, 60 series, 70 series, 90 series four. The series selection should be based on the size of the window hole and the local wind pressure value. Aluminum sliding windows used as closed balconies should not be smaller than the 70 series. Strength: The tensile strength should reach 157 Newtons per square meter and the yield strength should reach 108 Newtons per square millimeter. When you buy, you can use your hands to bend the profile moderately, and you should be able to recover after loosening your hands.