High Precision Cutting Saw For Aluminium Window And Door

- Mar 23, 2018-

The sawing center is high-grade aluminum alloy, broken bridge aluminum, plastic steel profile cutting equipment, with a high degree of automation, high efficiency, saving labor, can cut 45 ° angle, 90 °, face wash, V port. This machine has many functions and high cutting precision. It is especially suitable for the use of windows and door optimization software. It is more and more popular and requires the function and operation of the equipment to meet the requirements of the company's doors and windows. This machine is directly input into the equipment computer by the technicians to optimize the different lengths of recipe data. Manually only need to put the entire section in place equipment will be fully automatic cutting according to the optimized cutting scheme, and automatically convert according to the input different angles in operation. Cutting. The machine broke through the traditional cutting and cutting mode, replacing the original aluminum alloy, plastic double-angle saw, face wash, V-port saw. After years of user exploration and targeted design, our company has made it easier for users to operate and use. Changed the previous operators to optimize the program must be divided or batch cutting, the need for frequent operator sawing, the remaining uncut section to be machine cutting, and some with multiple sawing machine cutting and causing excess material The storage management, transporting back and forth, or anticipating secondary optimization problems, cumbersome cutting, high work intensity, increased labor costs, lower production efficiency, and waste of profiles, cannot complete the production plan on time. This machine is designed to widen the worktable, profile separate positioning and pressing, multiple automatic material feeders for circulation, and to carry out mass-strength cutting of one to six profiles in the effective range of the worktable, suitable for mass production and processing.